Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Practice, and knives, make perfect (and makes us hungry!)

,Today I had a day off, but didn't feel like taking the time to do a full blown cook, so I did some more ribs.  The focus in recent days has been on the type of knives that are used in the smoking process.  It is very important that you have a knife that is really sharp when doing any job.  The sharper the knife, the easier any job will be.  I recently have been trying out a carving knife that my fianc√©, Amber, got me for Christmas.  It is a Victorinox 12 inch knife with a fibrox handle granton edge.

This is a great knife for slicing almost any meat, but it works really great on brisket.  Boxes at competitions are typically 9 inches across, so this knife allows you to be able to cut a large enough cross-section of brisket that will fit in the box nicely without showing any saw marks that smaller, less sharp knives might cause.

Today, for the ribs, we used a santoku knife.  Santoku knives typically have a very sharp edge that can be either straight or granton.  They have the indentions on the sides like the the Victorinox in the picture.  The indentions catch fat and other juices from the meat and serve as kind of a lubricant for the knife as you use it.  As you can see in the pictures below, it really makes a difference in the appearance of the ribs when they are cut neatly and uniform.

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