Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bad Weather? Fire Up the Oven!

Have you ever had one of those days off that you have been planning to cook up some awesome BBQ, only to have Mother Nature change your plans?  That's ok!  It might not be what you were planning, but you can definitely make some very good tasting ribs in the oven while it is pouring outside.  By utilizing some of the high temperatures that can be easily achieved, you can put some great looking ribs on your table in just a couple hours.

A typical rack of ribs in the oven can be served from start to finish in about two hours.  The key to making ribs in the oven is to make sure you have a good combination of spices in your rub and a good finishing glaze to add that final touch.  After all, there is no wood to add that typical BBQ flavor, so it's all in what you do to the ribs with rubs and glazes that are going to add all the flavor and make all the difference.

Cooking ribs in the oven can be done quickly and easily at 350 degrees.  After adding a savory and/or spicy rub of your choice, start basting a sweet glaze on the ribs at about 30 to 45 minutes into the cook.  This will give the glaze to set up and sufficiently form a very nice crust on top of the ribs.  It will give a shiny and dark caramelization that will play very nicely with rub you added to the ribs at the beginning of the cook.

As you can see, the extra heat gives a dark, beautiful looking rib that tastes delicious.  It may not be the standard definition of BBQ, but it will definitely get you by on a day when the weather just won't cooperate!  Don't let the camera fool you, the darkness is just right.  However you do have to make sure you watch out.  There is a fine line between a nice dark bark that compliments the meat and a black, burned sugary mess that will ruin the day for everyone!!


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